The most widely recognized manufacturer of Speaker Covers throughout the entire professional audio industry! We make ANY custom speaker covers / amp cover to fit your needs


Over 30+ years & Still The Best Speaker Covers !

Mackie SRM 500 Speaker Covers The ultimate in lon-gevity and durability Mackie SRM 500 speaker cover (pictured left) was manufactured over 10 years ago this cover has had rigorous use and abuse and still looks like the day it was manufactured.
Cloud 9 Covers
if you're not using them... You're not covered
Now offering Photo Booth Covers, Pool Table Covers, Podium Covers, and Pole Bags.

After 30+ years, Cloud 9 Speaker Covers Is the Original and STILL the #1 manufacturer of custom covers, custom amp covers made to order PLUS custom bags, and Line Array Covers, Stacked in any configuration. You Stack it we can cover it

See What Our Customers Have To Say: EV ELX 112 P speaker covers

Sometimes referred to as cloud nine covers or Cloud Nine Speaker Covers. Cloud 9 speaker covers and Amp Covers for musicians, guitar, bass players, Disc Jockeys  and Pro Audio specialists. Covers made by musicians for musicians

100% Personal customer service, You will deal with a REAL PERSON From Beginning to end of your order. our quality speaks for itself that's why heavy hitters like Aerosmith and AC/DC Order their speaker covers with us!

Best quality, WE WILL BEAT ANYONE unbelievably durable materials and our covers can be customized to fit your needs.  We guarantee it! We beat ALL of Our Competitors, in style, reliability, quality, craftsmanship - customer service

EV Electrovoice speaker covers

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Protect your investment. Cloud 9  Covers are America's best speaker & amp covers in the industry.

Made for Musicians by Musicians.

All of our products are made proudly in the USA




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Cloud 9 covers beat our competitors quality in quality and design WE GUARANTEE IT.
All Cloud 9 covers beat ALL of Our Competitors by leaps and bounds guaranteed!  
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